Team Guideline

AI Thailand Project Guideline for team

1.Exposure to the AI Market: 
Our team will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and insight into the AI industry. While financial gain may not be the primary objective, the exposure to this market will provide a wealth of knowledge and potential for future growth.

2.Free Contribution and Recognition: 
Our goal is to encourage free contribution to the project and recognize the efforts of our contributors. Recognition may come in the form of credit, but financial compensation is not guaranteed. We believe that recognition and the opportunity to participate in a meaningful project are powerful incentives for involvement.

3.Community and Collaboration: 
Our project provides an opportunity to connect and collaborate with others in the field of AI. We believe that building a strong community and fostering collaboration is critical to the success of our project. Through these connections, we hope to create a supportive and dynamic environment that encourages innovation and growth.

4.Wolfpack Model: 
Our working model is based on the concept of a Wolfpack, which emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, like open source projects. Our aim is to create a dynamic and cohesive team that works together to achieve our goals. By adopting this model, we hope to create a culture of accountability and collective responsibility, which will drive our project forward.